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Onsite Chair Massage is often offered to employees to increase productivity, clarity, creativity, posture, and alleviate stress as part of a business's wellness program. Companies who value their employees’ health and happiness, yield higher revenues.

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Why Chair Massage?

Promote physical and emotional health

Increase employee productivity

Enhance employee creativity

Improve sleep quality

how it works

choose your schedule

Book us for Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly visits. 

We'll treat your employees to 15 minutes of relaxation. 

set aside a

work area

We don't take up too much room.

Give us an empty conference room or a secluded office, and

we'll take care of the rest!


It is incredible what overall value 15 minutes can generate.

Watch as your employees' productivity soars!


What happens in a chair massage?

Therapists massage the neck, shoulders, arms, and hands, focusing on the strains common to workplace activities like sitting at a desk or repetitive hand motions.

Will it get messy?

Therapists do not use oils or lotions, except on your hands, and by requests.

What do we need to have on site?

Therapists will provide a massage chair, disposable face cradle covers, hand sanitizer, music, aromatherapy, lotion, and a clock for your event.

  • A pre-filled employee schedule is helpful, but not required.

  • Please ensure a trash receptacle is nearby.

Request a Discovery Session

Thanks for submitting!

The flat rate for our Corporate Chair Massage services is $100 per therapist per hour, for a minimum of two hours. 

Parking rates are additional. 

Hourly rates are increased for events taking place between 9pm and 7am. 

Travel expenses within our service area* is covered in the flat rate.

*If your event takes place outside the Philadelphia metropolitan area, please complete the form for a quote. 

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